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In this digital age, nearly every area of the organization is connected. There are numerous threats such as data theft, denial of service, malware, social engineering, man in the middle (MitM) attacks, denial of service (DoS), and injection attacks. Data losses could cost the company a lot and profoundly affect their business. At times, there is also a threat of data loss from unintended consequences such as migrating to a new platform, there are ample rooms of threat. The need of the hour is end-to-end cybersecurity solutions.

BrioWorkx offers security consultant services. We are   equipped with consummate professionals with decades of experience in cyber security, who can offer fully tailored solutions rather than off the shelf techniques to your company. We can help mitigate cyber risks and avoid devastating consequences of data theft. Our professionals use the most advanced products and process available to guard our clients

Services Offered by BrioWorkx

Managed Security Services

Collaborating with us could enable businesses to enjoy security infrastructure without high investments

 We offer the following MSS components

Set up,configure, and upgrade firewalls, SIEM, DDoS protections, antiviruses, end-point protection systems, and other security tools as required

To keep your IT environment protected, we continuously scan the network, databases, and applications for vulnerabilities

We offer 365/days security protection a year. In the event of a security issues, we would be alerted right away

We help you comply with the security standards and regulations that are mandatory to maintain the reputation of your organization

Managed Security Services

BrioWork offer full-fledge security assessment and planning for various components of IT infrastructures such as Web Mobile and desktop applications, network services, Remote access softwares, IOT devices.

We achieve it by

 comprehensive security systems and using preventive technologies

Security testing of IT infrastructures and its components including vulnerability assessment and penetration testing

Network Security

By Increasing the network security you may ward off threats like Man in the middle and DDoS attack. We apply multiple defence layers to your network and keep them protected. SIEM will be used to detect threats before they disrupt business. Email security, Firewalls, IDS/IPS, and Antivirus protection are other services that we offer.

Application Security

Poorly coded and not properly protected applications provide a serious threat to your business and put your business in jeopardy. It includes reviewing the security code looking for errors, securing your cloud solutions using components such as Azure Security centre, and constant/efficient monitoring of your cloud components and looking for vulnerabilities and suspicious activities. We offer penetration testing services (as a onetime or a regular services) to provide the customers with a detailed review on the kind of threats that a business may face.

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