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E-publishingWhat is E-Publishing Services?


E-Publishing Service is the process of publishing digital materials such as books, magazines, and periodicals directly to web. Gone are the days of publishing print materials, e-publishing is convenient and also very cost-effective

E-publishing has open a world of opportunities for people. You can use it to reach a wider section of people. Also, the publishers can have complete control over the format, pricing, and distribution of their work. Authors publishing these materials can have a wider reach

E-publishingE-Publishing Services @ BrioWorkx


E-book conversion

E-books enhance the reading experiences, as the digital version are simple to read and navigate. Our state-of-the-art software gives you the feel of resembling the original while maintaining the formatting

Graphics Design

Enhance the value of your material by making it aesthetically pleasing to readers. Our graphic design services include making your content more colorful adding images while ensuring your texts stand out


Data Conversion

Transform content from one format to another, ensuring compatibility and accessibility across various multiple platforms and devices. This process enables seamless distribution and consumption of electronic publications

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Get your page stand out with its appealing and readable layout incorporating text, images, and other elements, adhering to formatting standards for electronic publications


Get your content published without errors with our proof-reading services. Our team has proofreaders with decades of experience who can help you create a compelling content



 Create an organizable and searchable set of keywords, topics, or terms in your digital publication, facilitating easy navigation and retrieval of information quickly


Content editing

Our copy-editors can ensure that your content is concise, clear, and to the point, conforming to publishing guidelines and standards. Your content is thoroughly checked for typos and grammatical errors

Our ProcessDigital Publishing Solutions


Packaging Design

Designing packaging for e-publishing services enhances the look and feel of the product. We provide catchy, professional eye-catching design, and unique design solution for your business


Masking and Clipping

To enhance the quality of book, we use Masking and Clipping processes. By removing specific portions of an image, masking can be used to enhance the quality of image



Users can vectorize their publications to produce digital copies that are simpler to access and distribute. Using this method artwork can be transformed into vector graphics

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XML and HTML Conversion

By converting multiple input formats to XML like HTML, MS Word, PDF, and any storage media, readers can access their information on multiple devices

Why BrioWorkx for
e-Publishing services?

With the rise in technology, more and more users chose to publish their content online rather than rely upon print media for marketing purposes. E-publishing companies provide numerous options to the clients to publish their material online. It offers numerous range of options to pick from, including digital book formatting, cover design, and marketing services. Our team of professionals have a solid experience in e-publishing background, which helps them to provide customized solutions for your needs.

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E-Publishing Team


E-Publishing Team

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E-Publishing Team


E-Publishing Team